By Popular Demand! Image Sharing Now Available

addthis image sharing tool

Bắn cá 4399Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Image Sharing tool – available to all users!

Image Sharing Bắn cá 4399allows your visitors to share images or GIFs from your website to popular social sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

Bắn cá 4399When a visitor hovers over an image (as seen with the image above), the AddThis Image Sharing buttons appear and they can then easily share the image directly from your site.

The Image Sharing buttons shows up by default on images that are at least 200×200 pixels.

200 x 200 pixels
This is because certain services – such as Facebook – do not support images smaller than this size. However, you can specify the images you’d like the sharing buttons to appear on using id and class selectors either on the images themselves or the enclosing HTML elements. Learn how to do this by reading “How to Customize the Images for the Image Sharing Tool.”

To enable Image Sharing, visit your AddThis dashboard and choose the position and shape of your buttons as well as the services to support. Once you click “Activate” the buttons will appear on all images across your site.


Bắn cá 4399We will continue to add more services to Image Sharing so be sure to check the dashboard after you’ve activated your buttons.

Ready to get started? Click hereBắn cá 4399 to activate Image Sharing, or check out the video tutorial below.

If you get stuck setting up your Image Sharing buttons you can contact